As of May 2009, anyone who wants to perform security services in the state of Alabama should have a state-issued security guard license. The agency that is responsible for issueing these licenses and determining the rules to get one is the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. For your convenience, we’ll refer to them as the ASRB throughout this guide.

We’ve broken down the application process for an Alabama security guard license into three easy-to-follow steps, which you’ll find below. However, before you can advance to the first step, you’ll have to make sure you meet these basic requirements, set by the ASRB:

  • You should be at least 18 years old (21 for a license as an armed guard).
  • You must be a United States citizen or resident alien.
  • You may not have been convicted of any felony within the last 10 years, or any misdemeanor crime within the last 5 years. Any felonies involving moral turpitude will make you completely uneligable for obtaining a license.

Step 1 – Find employment as a security guard

Although it might sound unusual, in the state of Alabama you should first get hired by a security company before you can apply for a license. Bear in mind that companies might set additional requirements such as being able to pass a drug test. Once you get hired, you can safely assume that your chances of getting issued a license are pretty high, since these companies can easily tell who’s suited for the job.

Step 2 – Complete the mandatory training course

All applicants for an Alabama security guard license are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of classroom training at certified training institute. During this training course, you will be taught some basic skills needed to become a security officer. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a training certification from your trainer. Please note that the training costs are on your own expense and cannot be refunded, not even after you’ve been issued your license.

Make sure to read our additional page about Alabama security guard training. There’s some important information in there that you might want to know about, such as which topics get covered in the training course, and the situations in which you’re exempt of following it.

Step 3 – Submit the application bundle

Download the official Alabama security guard license application bundle Here. The bundle consists of the following forms:

  • The Personal License Application Form
    Make sure to fill out this form as completely as possible, and don’t forget to attach two recent color photographs and a copy of a state-issued ID (e.g. driver’s license) to provide proof of age and US citizenship. Two fingerprint cards are also required in order to enable the criminal background check.
  • The ASRB Certification of Training Form
    By signing this form, you certify that you’ve completed at least 8 hours of training. In order to provide proof that you’ve followed the course, you should attach the training certificate which you’ve received from your trainer.
  • The ASRB Authorization for Release of Information form
    By completing this form, you grant the ASRB the authorization to conduct a criminal background check.
  • The Criminal History Informaton Release Form (ABI-46)
    This form gives the Alabama Bureau of Investigation the authorization to release any criminal history information about you to the ASRB. This is a standard form, so in the ‘Name and Address of Requesting Agency or Authorized Agent’ field, you should fill in ‘Alabama Security Regulatory Board’.

In order to make the application legal you should first have all four forms notarized (we’ve made a guide on how to notarize a document as well). There are also two fees which need to be paid:

  • $25.00 License application fee to the Alabama Security Regulatory Board
  • $41.50 Criminal background check fee to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation

If you’ve made sure that everything is complete, you can send the first three forms to:

Alabama Security Regulatory Board
2777 Zelda Road
Montgomery, AL 36106

The Criminal History Information Release Form (ABI-46) must be sent to the ABI at:

Alabama Bureau of Investigation
Identification Unit – Record Check Unit
PO Box 1511
Montgomery, AL 36102-1511

Until the time your license is issued or denied by the Board, you should carry a temporary license on your person at all times when you are performing security services. The temporary license can be found on bottom the fourth page of the license application bundle as a cut-off form titled ‘Alabama Security Regulatory Board, Temporary Personal License’.

License renewal

Your Alabama security guard license must be renewed every two years on the date which the original certification was granted. In order to do so you should download the same application bundle, but you’ll have to tick off the ‘License/Certification renewal’ option on the first form. There’s also an 8-hour refresher training to be completed as part of each renewal, and a $25.00 license renewal fee to be paid.