Unlike in most Northern American states, the state of Missouri does not require security guards to be licensed in order to be legally employed. However, the following MO cities have all passed regulations that require security officers to be properly trained and in possession of a valid security license:

  • St. Louis
  • St. Joseph
  • Kansas City
  • Joplin

If you want to be working as a security guard in one of these 4 cities, you will have to apply for a license at your city clerk’s office. Below you’ll find out about the conditions for security guard licensing, but first you have to know that currently there are 4 types of licenses in Missouri for security personnel.

Types of Security Licenses in Missouri

Courier License – Couriers are only licensed to protect and transport properties from one location to another. They have no powers to arrest or detain suspects. Furthermore, they are required to wear a state-approved uniform and if qualified, they may carry a weapon or protective device.

Watchman License – Unlike security officers, a watchman is not allowed to arrest or detain suspects and carry firearms. A watchman license only permits the owner of it to patrol and observe on the street or in a designated location, and if needed to, contact the authorities. Watchmen are required to wear an approved uniform while they perform their duties.

Security Officer License – Security officers carry out the assignment of protecting life or property on designated locations. They have limited police powers, allowing them to arrest and detain people that are suspected of committing a criminal offense within the property owned or leased by their employer. If qualified, they are allowed to carry a firearm or other protective devices on the job. They are not required to wear an uniform.

Corporate Security Advisor License – The owner of a Corporate Security Advisor License holds the same powers as a Security Officer. However, while a Security Officer can only make use of his powers to arrest within a location owned or leased by his company, a Corporate Security Advisor License permits the owner of it to arrest and detain suspects in the entire city or town where he or she got issued a license.

Missouri Security Officer License Requirements

As mentioned before, only 4 cities in Missouri require their security personnel to be licensed. In order to be issued a Security Officer License, applicants will have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age for a Security Officer License, 18 years for a Watchman License
  • Be a US citizen or legal resident alien
  • Submit fingerprints to enable a background check. Information will be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Missouri State Highway Patrol and local police agencies. A felony conviction will prevent you from being issued a license.
  • Be free of any type of chemical dependency, and complete a drug test to provide proof of this.
  • Complete a Security Officer Training Course in which future security officers will learn the most crucial aspects of being employed in the Missouri security industry.