Alaska state flag Alaska

With 3 training modules needing to be completed, things can get a little complicated in the state of Alaska. We made it all easy to understand in our guide on Alaska security guard training.

California state flag California

Figuring out how and when to complete the different training modules in California can be confusing. We made an extensive easy-to-follow guide that covers every module and the subjects it includes. Read all about it in our guide on California Security Guard Training

Florida state flag Florida

As in most US States, completing the required security guard training is part of the process of obtaining your license in Florida. However, training can be completed in 2 different ways. Therefore, it’s important that you read our page about Florida Security Guard Training.

Illinois state flag Illinois

Additionally to obtaining your Illinois PERC, a 20 hour classroom training course should be completed to be able to apply for an Illinois Security License. The training course prepares applicants for a job as a security officer. Click the link below to learn what the training course includes and where to complete it.

New Jersey state flag New Jersey

As of 2007, anyone who wants to apply for a New Jersey security guard license is required to follow a 24 hour "SORA" training course. Find out all about the New Jersey SORA training course here.

New York state flag New York

As of 1991, when the State of New York adopted the Security Guard Act, both new and serving security guards are required to follow and successfully complete Security Guard Training Courses. Prepare yourself for the training and pass your exam by reading our NYS Security Guard Training Page.